How Many Guitars Do I Have?? || 2019 Agufish Studio/Gear Tour

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  1. Man my computer struggled to export this 30+ minute video lol. Graphic glitches, messed up sound levels, but at least it didn’t outright fail this time. Usually I’d re-export, but I just want to move on with my life haha. Serious question, though. What do you think of those last 3 guitars? 😃

  2. Those Harley Bentons are totally a signature model proto! The one with the flamed neck has Fishmen PUs and a strange fishy logo on it 🧐 AND its a LP shape? Come on Agufish you arent fooling me

  3. All I have is l.p shit fuck any other shape lol "agufish" the most ordinary gutair shape on Earth peroid get some kellys a fucking v for shit sake order a Ran and make it a spear u Kno jeees lol I'm shocked said the eclipse sounds better then the lp wooow I fuck with that Chapman tho 😎throw me a set a pickups I have shit Jackson out the factory shit stains they sound so bad and I can't afford to get better ones cause I'm white and broke

  4. For several minutes, I couldn't figure out why your video was pissing me off. I thought I had a burned out pixel in my TV until I realized it was the laser autofocus in your camera!!! Thankfully the dot started moving and I started feeling a lot better.

    Any change of doing a review of something like a core PRS or a Music Man Petrucci? I know the aim of your channel is more bang for the buck, but sometimes you just have to splurge. The JP you can also justify as I don't think you've done a piezo guitar.

  5. My 2 cents – For new HB SC i'm not sure. I think that you should decide for what customers are you selling a guitar and how many people would like to have them.
    If it "modern" then you should have something thin bodied like ml2 with (also) non-traditional colors and heavy/hard thin neck wood (like maple) neck and stainless steel frets .
    If it's for more traditional like buyers then you should put lighter body wood, keep dimensions and shapes closes as possible to original (a top carve also), keep mahogany neck, put ebony or better fingerboard and offer also a thicker neck profile.Stainless steel frets (maybe not jumbo) would do also ok
    If you offer 2 types of these guitars with decent hardware (that higher priced HB already have) from 350-450 euros, i think that you would be looking at big big potential. Moding it with better hardware is easy then.

  6. Been subscribed since early-mid 2017 and have always had your stuff in my notifications, and hell it's always good except for maybe when you get guitars that are supposed to be massive but end up being a QC slip (like that Jake Bowen signature Ibanez.)

  7. I'm in the market for a humbucker for my Fender Standard Strat for more versatility, but I'm set on Seymour Duncan. Duncan Distortion is probably gonna be the one to go in there.

  8. What's your thoughts on kiesel guitars? I bought my first one a few weeks back. A standard vanquish and loved it so much I sold my strat and ltd m-403 to pay for another build. An Osiris it will be my first headless but they are by far the best playing guitars I've ever owned and put my music Man stingray to shame so I was wondering what you think of them and maybe you could demo one sometime I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

  9. Those HBs ! Great looking, so far away from the casual and quite basic look of the SC custom or SC1000 ! The purple and black just blew me away. Now, would it be possible to have it with 24 frets ?

  10. Ooooh boy, the darker red prototype Harley Benton SC (the one in the right), that's a sexy guitar if I ever saw one. If only they'd throw in OFR1000 like they have on their Custom VB FR and I'd be throwing money at them!

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