Which Boost Type is Best? Exploring 5 Boost Pedal Varieties with Andy Martin | Reverb Tone Report

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  1. I'm using a Danelectro Billionaire Billion Dollar Boost (like a Boss FA-1) as my main overdrive, it's actually kicked my Bad Monkey off the board– I still have the Bad Monkey close by, can't quite see myself completely without it. Interesting to hear the JHS version of an FA-1, nice pedal.

    But DAMN! That Danelectro Breakdown is something else.. Sweet pedal!!!

  2. Dear Reverb;
    Which boost would work best with a 1970's era Gibson Les Paul Recording (Or Professional)* guitar?
    * I don't have access to a 70's Les Paul Personal but that could be subbed in for the test.
    I don't get a sound when plugged into a regular amp like if the picks ran out of battery power. And there is nothing saying any of those 3 or 4 models would indicate them being Active Guitars.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely Michael B Berry

  3. That Emissary pedal sounds huge! The way I like watching Andy's videos is blind, then when I hear a sound I like I scroll up and see which pedal it is. The Emissary is my pick from this video!

  4. Hi Andy did you ever try one of this two inbetween your gtr and amplifier ? > Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II < i think it can do a gain boost , level boost and shelving EQ , compressor /sustainer ,(all tube ), its pricey 1799 $
    or the > Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip(does the same thing ,also tube pre but FET compressor) < 2699 $

  5. Tastte the Rockfabrick SCRAPER BOOOST—AMAZING, or the PICTURE BOOST from RED SUN FX:Or the STROKKUR from KMA it´s a Treble Boost with new Waysor the VAHANNA BOOST from DEMON PEDALS.Or the BOOSTERS from Orion EFFEKTE.That´s All GOOD BOOSTERS two.or BSM, the Special TREBLE BOOSTER MAKER!!!! Checkt this out…..DUDES

    However – Treble Booster>Muff=A tone so heavy God couldn't lift it if he created it.
    The MI Effects Boost 'n Buff V2 has never let me down. Clean/treble boost/"almost Fuzz", it's the one pedal that has never left my board/gig bag.
    And, ofc, Andy demo'd it.

  7. WORD OF WARNING WITH THE JHS COLOUR BOX: So I love mine, it sits right after my fuzzes so it boosts my whole bass tone, and that parallel XLR out is great for recording to get an unaffected clean tone. It's a great pedal, but there is one problem with it: if you're using it with an active instrument or just with really hot pickups, it will distort regardless of where the gain is at.

    I solved the problem by making a passive pre volume pedal out of a small case, an A500K pot, two jacks and a 100pf capacitor. "But wait," you ask, "doesn't the Colour Box come with a -20dB pad?" Correct, but in their finite wisdom, JHS decided to have that pad only work when you're using an XLR in, not 1/4" in like every guitarist uses. WTF, Josh? You make a wonderful pedal and forget to put a -20dB pad on that works with BOTH inputs?!

    I'm rambling. I really do love the CB, and it will probably never leave my board. It just sucks I have to fix a problem JHS could have solved before sending it out the door.

  8. As always, thanks for the great and informative video. Really useful stuff, Andy. I have turned scrolled Ng down for some tool telling you to play with a pick into a drinking game!

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