Talk Talk – It's My Life – Acoustic Guitar Cover

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    It would be like:
    (deberia sere como:)

    *1) First part :D!*
    (primera parte!)
    E –>
    F#m11no5 –>
    Esus4 –>

    *2) Second part :P*
    (segunda parte)
    F –>
    Just first time!
    (solo la primera vez)

    A#m –>
    D#m –>
    G# –>
    C# –>
    F# –>
    a bit of palm mute xD
    (se silencian las cuerdas un poco)

    *3) Third part :3*
    (tercera parte!)
    Same chords just a little faster
    (mismos acordes solo un poco mas rapido)

    F#5 –>

    Again go through:
    (vuelve a hacer)

    1) x4
    2) x2
    3) x4

    *5) Fifth part?*
    (parte cinco)

    B5 –>
    F#5 –>
    Repeat the secuence just like in the video pulling up your finger 😛
    (repite la secuencia tal como en el video levantando el dedo)

    lastly repeat "2)" x2 and finish with "3)" until the song ends :D!!!
    and you're ready to go lol

    Thx for all the view i never thought it would be this many <3 <3
    and ill try to make something new college sucks :((

    (Por ultimo repites la parte "2)" x2 y terminas con "3)" hasta
    que la cancion termine)

    (Muchas gracias por todas las vistas y me gustas nunca pense
    que serian tantas <3 <3, ojala pueda hacer algo nuevo y pronto
    la universidad apesta un poco lol 🙁

  2. hey 😀 thx for comenting yeah its nylon string guitar xD i just feel better playing acoustic music this is a great song i just had to do a cover xD hope you keep tuning in i got some plans for future covers thx again 😀

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