Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic-Guitar | Overview

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  1. I wish they could sum up the key points of the guitar in 30 seconds 1 min. at most and then play for a min or so, so we can all actually here it . . . When I go to a music store, I don't buy it because the sales guy knows how to talk, I buy it bc I been playing for 30 years and know a good guitar when I hear one

  2. Just purchased this guitar (Epiphone AJ-220 S, Vintage Sunburst color, Chinese make) today in India. Inspite of Chinese make quality is maintained & it really sounds like a bell. The tone is well balanced whatever style you play it goes well. I played few Jazz chords & other styles, I must confess that it was sounding good & loud. Luv Josh

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