I Just Bought a $100 Guitar…And it’s FANTASTIC!

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  1. A 30 yr. major player and former collector of several thousand dollar items, it's important to have, (a TOOL that WORKS) but, among'st my $15,000.00 collection, I never would have imagined my most favored piece would be a $25.00 Classical from Barcelona! This is especially important for kids with interest. A portion of that story is the typical phrase, "It's how you play, not what." Yet, this item has always been the gigantic reminder to use what's most fitting to taste, specific needs and personal comfort for skills and abilities. Nothing sounds richer and especially works better for me than my $25.00 guitar! Hard to believe, yet it's True!

  2. what are the best guitars I ever bought, was a Sears 12 string acoustic wet electric pickup in a hole at a pawn shop for $60 so you been looking in the wrong places was the best sounding 12 string I ever heard played it till the paint wore off of the back of the neck !!

  3. I have used Squiers as backups in gigs . You can make them sound fine. It wont be a Fender classic strat quality but it will be cool. Btw this guitar sounds great. Good amp you got there too 😉 Nice video

  4. I haven't played electric in a very long time, but watching this makes me think, shoot, $100 to fool around? Now if I can only find the $100 guitar. There are some that are kinda close.

  5. Even the most expensive strats have cheap plastic knobs. Ha…too funny
    That's how I feel whenever I buy an acoustic. C'mon man…it's an $800 guitar, can't you do better than these cheap bridge pins?

  6. We've all picked expensive guitars off the wall & had to dress frets, action, relief, etc. I always stretch new strings like I'm Ted Nugent shooting arrows, so that bar-dive was pretty impressive considering those strings are prob still stretching. The pickups aren't bad for low-end. A decent setup & maybe a little shielding & that is one HELL of a guitar for $100!

  7. My first was sears sunburst. Second was a Hondo …. learned to buy cheaper guitars and then modify. Best mod to date is a SG Epiphone with Hot Rodder pups, new : pots, tuners, nut and fret job, etc … this $179.00 guitar sounds and plays fantastic too! Plays, as well as my $1k+ guitars.

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