JHS Clover Preamp & Whitey Tighty Compressor | Reverb Tone Report

22 Replies to “JHS Clover Preamp & Whitey Tighty Compressor | Reverb Tone Report”

  1. Cool but keep that tidey whitey small so the embarrassment isn’t much of having a pedal with underpants on your board

    The clover looks awesome

    I would want the pulp and peel but idk why and don’t trust the bad reviews on guitar centre :

  2. It seems to me that the pre-amp has a similar overall effect on tone as putting a higher output pickup in your guitar. I have a Dimarzio Super Distortion in an ashwood bodied guitar and it gives the same sort of growl you seem to be getting from the pre-amp pedal. Seeing as both the pre-amp and the overwound pickup have the same effect on guitar signal (i.e. boosting it) this would follow, right? Or is that dumb?

  3. I hate to say it….i love JHS pedals…..I will not be using a Whitey Tighty even if it makes MY package LOOK bigger….cannot stand that name….hahahaha WOW….I did it…i got that right off my chest….hahahaha

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