Takamine GD20-NS Acoustic Guitar review

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  1. Hey! Can u help me? I really wanna know ur honest opinion and guidance. Between Tanglewood IV TND and Takamine GD20–NS, which one is better? I really dont know much about guitar. Please help me. Thank you 🙏🏻

  2. I just bought one of these this summer…and I have to admit it is outstanding…I prefer Cedar tops with Mahogany body…..full and warm…and I do not like using a pickup on an acoustic….mics only…..

  3. I just came here to say that this guitar is incredible. I have played like 20 other acoustics at the store today, some even for about 1200$ and this baby had none of that. Maybe it's just that this particular one that I've bought is a pearl, but oh god. I am in love.

  4. Great sounding guitar.  I need a LEFT HANDED split bridge to convert my Takamine GN20 to lefty.  Any idea on where I can get one?  Takamine hasn't answered my attempts to contact them through their website.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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