Nothing Else Matters by Metallica Acoustic Cover (w/ Tabs!!)

36 Replies to “Nothing Else Matters by Metallica Acoustic Cover (w/ Tabs!!)”

  1. Bear in mind if you're young your hands are still growing but with enough practice that stretch will be easy in no time. That stretch is not a bother for me, i can do also 0 5 5 1 and if i twist my arm i can even make it to 0 5 5 0 (behind the nut, on the headstock). Just keep practising it, this song took me ages to master.

  2. Im 18 years old that coment was written 10 months ago. I don't know why I couldent but now it seems very easy to me. May be it was because I were starting to play guitar. Is is not about length its about elasticity.

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