How to play Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers – Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-362)

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  1. Excellent teaching Justin. In passing you mentioned the key to John's entire funk style. The RHYTHM hand. You hear John, Flea and Chad sync incredibly well in the live shows. I actually thought I knew this song but has been playing it wrong forever. I would do a straight arpeggio for the prechorus and not skipping the string. Thanks for your lessons, always a pleasure to watch.

  2. Hey im guitar player and a coupke other instruments and i come from a musical family i play well end solide strumming but i play lazy and let alot slide like just play through, your lessons are the best for me to hit my potential you do a great job teaching awsome bud pick on

  3. I like the way you teach songs as accurately as possible. I see others teaching songs differently than they were done, thinking they are simplifying them when they are actually making them harder and sounding different from the original. Good lesson!

  4. what kind of amp is he using? I've pretty much got the song down but it doesnt sound quite the same plus i want to upgrade my amp and i want to get the right one

  5. Any tips on how i hit all the lines in the intro part without accidentally muting every other string haha. I have naturally long nails and i cant really use the absolute tip so they are a bit flat. Then i cant bend my fingers enough to create a big space to prevent muting. Gaaaah. By the way i play on an acoustic.

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