How To Play Bass for SUPER Beginners

28 Replies to “How To Play Bass for SUPER Beginners”

  1. Hey everybody, thanks for watching and making this my most popular video to date! My teaching has evolved a lot since I made this video over 5 years ago, culminating in my new 30+ hour course, Beginner to Badass. It includes everything you learned in this video and way way more – check it out!

  2. what i find most helpful about this video is you are totally honest in just making it your own in the beginning. you making that point really gave me the confidence i needed. thank you so much.

  3. I have very small hands, like incredibly small, feminine hands. It gave me a really hard time playing guitar and doing the scales, I seem to be alright with the bass but will this become a problem??

  4. I want to buy one and get into it myself, always loved it since watching my father play at church every Sunday. Recommendations? Tips? String count for a beginner? Miscellaneous?

  5. I'm going from playing saxophone for 6 years and never playing anything with strings to bass its a really weird transition but I'm already really good with rhythms and keeping time so the rest is just getting the hands down and I'm set

  6. Hi. I just bought a bass guitar and I'm 36. Wow this is great. I enjoy learning and you are really good for super beginners like me. Thank you. Are you available for personal questions? Lol wanted to know and need help! Thanks

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