How to play Shooting Star by Bad Company on acoustic guitar

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  1. Can you play the song quite well. But when you start singing, you are more screaming and strumming the guitar very hard. It's an easy going strum. I give you an A+ for trying but the cords you are using can't be played along with the record. I would redo your video and don't scream when you're singing and start out at the ninth friend like you did and then slide down to the seventh. You're doing well. Good man. I won't tell you who I am as I am very famous as a guitarist. But you're on the right track and in about seven years you should be able to play in the band making money

  2. You're missing a key component to the introduction…listen to the song and then what you're playing.  It's wrong man…I don't know how people can put stuff out here that's half correct….I couldn't even listen to the entire song…

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